Fall Cheer

Cheer takes state runner-up finish at 2023 ICCA Championships

Posted November 10, 2023

The Ames High cheerleading team took second in both the large group Cheer/Dance division as well as the Coed Stunt group this past weekend. The silver finish in the Cheer/Dance group is the program’s best finish since 2015. This was the first year that Ames had an entry into the Coed Stunt event. The Little Cyclones also finished sixth overall in the All-Girl Stunt group.

Cheer/Dance Participants: Cali Anderson, Emma Brown, Anna Carlat, Ellie Chieves, Edyn Cowles, Ana Gabrielson, Sarah Higgins, Tori Huss, Maggie Jacobson-Fisher, Minh Luong, Sylvie McConnell, Autumn Rettig, Grace Saxton, Neve Sprecher, Isabelle Stagg, Elaina Stephenson, Jackie Strotman, Julieanne Talley

Coed Stunt Participants: Emma Brockman, Blaeton Busano, Elaina Stephenson

All-Girl Stunt Participants: Ellie Chieves, Edyn Cowles, Tori Huss, Sylvie McConnell, Isabelle Stagg, Jackie Strotman