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CAUSE was founded with the goal of making Ames High School and the broader community more environmentally sustainable. We look at ways of adapting lifestyles, creating new practices and modifying traditional practices to climate change and other environmental issues as needed. We also look at climate and environmental justice issues.

Club Activities

Some club activities include outdoor recreation from time to time, attending political demonstrations/protests, presenting proposals to the Ames Community School District and/or Ames City Council. Most club meetings are spent working on student generated projects. We’ve also raised funds for projects and have and need members working on finding and writing grants.

Past Projects

Past projects include building and enhancing waste reduction measures like compost and recycling, removing invasive species, hosting exhibitions and documentary nights for AHS students and the public, sweatshop and UN Climate Conference simulations, among others.

Representing CAUSE

CAUSE representatives have been asked to serve on committees for the Ames Climate Action Team, the City of Ames Climate Action Plan development, shared insight with OPN Architects on the new AHS building design, and written columns or letters to the editor for The Web (AHS Newspaper) and The Ames Tribune.


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