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Ames High Speech Club

About Speech Club

The number one goal of the Ames High Speech Club is to provide students with opportunities to practice & grow their communication skills, skills that are essential for success in any context. If you would like more information please contact the coaches or visit our website.

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There are numerous opportunities to speak, debate, perform, or use technology to aid in the presentations of others. Performances can be “large group,” or “individual,” and are chosen by the student/s under the coaching of Mr. Ripley & Mrs. Engelkes.

Our Season

Our Large Group season runs from November – February and our Individual season runs from January – March. We have a kick-off meeting in October and are present at the annual Club Fair.

IHSSA Participation

The Ames High Speech Club is a member of the IHSSA (Iowa High School Speech Association) and participates in Speech Contests every January – March.


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